November 01, 2011


Ah November.

I've never been a fan of you.

I must admit, I don't consider you to be one of my favorites.

It's dark and rainy and there are no holidays in November
(in Canada. I know you Americans have Thanksgiving to look forward to.)
But here we are.

The high of Halloween is over
and what is there to do?

Well I've decided to set some fitness goals.

I know.
Fitness in November?

Well, why not?

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to go for a run.
Me. I hate running.
But three months in bootcamp really helped and it wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be.
So off I went.
I live close to a nice trail. It was a beautiful day (which definitely helped)
and I really enjoyed myself.
The best part?
I felt great when I got home.

I then set up a little workout area in the basement and used some workouts I'd gotten from FitChicks.
Again - great. I was sore the next day
and proud of myself for doing it.
That was two weeks ago -
things got hectic - we went away, then last week I was out every night
but this week - things are back to normal.
And it's time to hit the pavement.

I decided to invest in some comfortable running clothes for my new adventure.

Tace Jacket - $45
(I got it in blue.)

Elan Tights - $36

 Together they were less than $100.
Now I just need a butt like the one in those pants.
Seriously though - I don't like to wear tight clothing in public
but you can't run in yoga pants from Joe Fresh that fall down as you go.
That's more embarassing than wearing skin tight pants.

I haven't figured my exact plan but I think my success rate will be higher if I'm not too strict about it.
Something general like
"exercise 4 times per week"
(for four weeks)
That will get me to December.

We'll see. I'm not so great at sticking with these plans
but I miss exercising and being outside
so as the season clings to the final traces of fall
hopefully I'll be able to chase it into winter.
In my new pants.


Shannon said...

I hope this beautiful weather holds out just long enough that you catch the running bug...once addicted, it's harder staying home, no matter what weather....the road/trails call your name...HONESTLY!

Tanya @ Dans le Townhouse said...

Probably wiser than starting a fitness plan as a resolution in January - those never seem to pan out. I am also not so excited about Nov. Warm-weather bloggers don't understand what is looming for many Canadians.

Good luck with the new exercise plan!!

Jane's Next Door said...

I'm hoping that the road/trails voices are louder than the ones in my head coaxing me to stay on the couch!

My thinking was also that November was better than January. Less hype!