November 01, 2011

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

He didn't disappoint.

It was a great read.

It was a bit weird to read the book whilst all the hype of his book tour and appearances was going on
but it's a good story and I felt like I knew the characters early on.

I went to a reading he did at the Toronto Reference Library last Monday.
I have to say that I don't always want to meet authors I love
because I get a little....

I usually get quite nervous
and try to say something witty and interesting
but end up babbling ridiculously.

A bit like a teenager meeting Corey Hart for the first time.
(or maybe I should use Justin Bieber as a reference?
 I've never heard his music and I don't really get the sideswiped hair thing
but beauty is in the eye of the beholder I suppose.
On the plus side - he read really well
(sometimes they aren't good readers. They don't have the flair for the dramatic, so to speak.
I'm thinking specifically of Mordecai Richler.
I saw him read from Barney's Version when it was first published and he was awful.)

I love it when the voice they use sounds like the one I hear in my head when I'm reading a book.
You may think it's my own voice I hear - but it isn't.
You may also think I'm a little crazy.
That's not untrue but I'm not completely off my nut, I assure you.

The point is, he was a lovely guy.
Well spoken.  Funny.
Very enjoyable.

I would endorse any of his books.
My favorite was Middlesex but Virgin Suicides is also very good.
Marriage Plot is an easy read.
It's not easy subject matter -
depression, religion, college
but it flows.

And besides, he kind of looks like a pirate.
How can you not love him?

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