November 07, 2011

I try to not think about Christmas in November.
It's too soon.
The mild weather we're having helps remind us that it's still fall
and make us think that we might not be inching closer to winter.

I love buying and writing Christmas cards every year.
It was something my mom always did
and I'm sure that has a lot to do with why I do.

I'm kind of old fashioned when it comes to correspondence - 
sadly, I don't write letters much anymore
but it wasn't so long ago that I did.

I choose my cards pretty carefully
and I thought I'd see what Etsy has on offer this year.
It's a bit overwhelming -
there were over 56,000 to choose from (I didn't go through them all...)
But here were a few that caught my eye ~ 

$15 for 6 cards

$15 for 10 cards
(I quite like these ones!)

$12 for 12 cards

$12 for 12

I'm not a dog person, really, but who could resist this guy?

$12 for 6

How does a girl choose?

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