October 17, 2011


That's right. We went to another auction.. Oh wait, I didn't tell you about the auction we went to last weekend.

My bad.

We went to an auction last week. I forgot to take photos of the stuff we got - but maybe I still will. Deals were had!
We bought:
an antique bed frame  $15
a lathe (fella, obviously. Like I would buy a lathe. Like I even know what a lathe is for!) Still - $20.
Two sealer jars (one is by Ball and the other is by Crown. It's HUGE!) - $6
Some tins and boxes $2

I think that's it.

This weekend, we did even better! (well, I did better...)

Here goes:

oak parlour table
(I love this table. My mom had a couple just like it. Aw.)

Fella bought a whack of bottles.
They look quite nice in the cigar box and the other wooden box
(we got the boxes at last week's auction.)
They look really pretty in the light.

Unfortunately, I took this photo at night so there's not a lot of evidence of the pretty.

Another table!
It's a little wobbly but nothing that some glue won't fix.

I really should have moved the cat toys out of the way before I took the photo.
Those aren't dead rats on my floor.

I was tired....

different view. same table.

I forgot to mention that we also went to an estate sale in the morning
before the auction! It was just up the street.
The house was kind of a disaster (filthy dirty) but there were some cool things, including this inkwell.
The majority of the items we bought are in need of a good wash and will be photographed later.

Back to the auction!

I've wanted some insulators (the item on the left) for awhile
but I haven't found any that were nice and cheap.
This one was.
(We got another one as well that's a bit smaller but is a nice blueish-green colour. It's now a doorstop.)
The item on the left is a barometer that was made in West Germany.
It was $2.
It predicted rain yesterday.
It was right.

That's most of it.

We also got a lovely mirror with an oak frame for $35
(I forgot to take it's picture.)

And some wooden candlesticks.
Fella was standing next to the woman who owned all of the stuff.
She was getting emotional about watching her belongings be sold
(and some of them for a fraction of what she paid for them. How things change!)

She was getting upset that no one bid on her candlesticks because her father hand carved them.
She couldn't understand why no one would want them.
So guess who bought them?
That's right.
My fella.
The softie.

We were happy with our deals.
There was a cabinet that I kind of wish we bought but it was only after it sold that we realized it would be a great addition to our kitchen.
It went for $125.

We have a stupid kitchen.
Minimal storage space in a good sized room.
One drawer.
Yes, one.

But if we put a cabinet...never mind.
I'll take some pictures and post at a later date.
Don't get me started on the kitchen.
Boo to poor renovations.
But yay that it's the only room in the house that was renovated
considering that the floor is breaking into pieces
and needs to be completely replaced.
It's on the someday list.

But anyway - we've decided that it will be our mission to buy a cabinet the next time we find a nice one,
put it in the kitchen and have more storage.
I'd wanted to put one in the dining room but our dining room isn't huge and since we haven't found a table and chairs yet, I'd rather reserve the space for that rather than a cabinet.
Does any of that make sense?

Anyhow - in all we spent $126 at the auction.
Pretty good.
The only downside was that the auction took place in an unheated barn so I was chilled to the bone.
It was a miserable day.
But I was so happy with my tables that I warmed up pronto!

And that was that!

Happy Monday!