October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

These are last year's pumpkins.

I haven't photographed this year's decorations yet.

Happy Halloween!

I may have mentioned this before, but

this is my favorite holiday.

I love Halloween.
It's spooky.
There are fun decorations.

And lots of candy.

What more could you want?
(presents, maybe, I suppose....)

We had a little party on Saturday.

I dressed up as this gal:

I attached a crow to my head. It was pretty good.
I still have fake blood under my nails
(that stuff is hard to get off!)
I spent most of Friday night and Saturday decorating and am mostly pleased but I realized last night that the house isn't particularly scary. I think I need to amp it up a little before dark.
I'll think of something....
Howling wolves?
Clinking chains?

I think they are in order.

Tonight the kidlets come around.
Hopefully there will be enough of them to give away all the candy
I haven't worked out in over a week and the mini chocolate bars aren't helping any.

More to come!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Happy Halloweeeeen!!

I love it too! What's not to love??