September 12, 2011

a taste of summer...oh and antiques!

I do not regret my/our decision to go to the Christie Antique show!
The weather was amazing - hot and sunny.
The people were (mostly) friendly
and we found a few things we were looking for!

I got a clock for my desk.
Art Deco windup.

Some vintage Christmas ornaments
(the little clock above and the ones in the cup below)
$6 for 4

This yellow cup and saucer were irresistable.
Love the colour and pattern on the saucer.
I have no use for them whatsoever.
I don't collect cups.
But I couldn't say no.

The one above was one of the ones that we kept.
I had assumed it was an ice bucket that had no lid.
I was right!
We found ths whole set
with 6 highball glasses for


Yes, I realize that we now have two of these ice buckets but I couldn't resist buying the set.
It's very Mad Men.

Fella got a couple of books and some sautering irons
and that was about it!

There was no affordable furniture
(well - not my price range of affordable)
but it was a gorgeous day and we were very happy with our finds.

Up next!
My first TIFF!

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