September 19, 2011

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

I loved this book.

There isn't really anything redeemable about the characters.
They aren't very nice. 
I wasn't sympathetic to them.
But they were so honest
and raw
and real.

That I was captivated.
This book was such a nice surprise.
And now it's made it to my list of favorites.
I'll definitely read it again
(and very few get into that club)
but I'll go back and find all that I missed the first time around
I have a terrible habit of reading too fast and not really digesting what I'm reading. 
I just react to it.
That's why my book reviews are kind of..sparse... in actual content. 
I often forget the details
I just know how they made me felt.
But that's ok.
It's my way and it works for me.

But I think this book would appeal to a wide variety of readers. 
It's about the 50's and suburban life
and it has a darkness to it's sheen that you see so often in films and stories of that era
(Mad Men?)
Things weren't as happy and shiny as they appeared.
Things weren't so different then from how they are now.

Next up:

Strange but True
by John Searles

To pique your interest here's what it says on the back cover:
"After a mysterious fall from his Manhattan apartment, Philip Chase has moved home with his mother, Charlene, a bitter woman who has never really accepted the death of her younger son, Ronnie, five years earlier. Numb from watching too much tv and trading snipes with his mother, Philip is in stasis. But everything changes one winter night when Ronnie's high school girlfriend shows up on their doorstep to deliver the news that she is pregnant... and the father, she claims, is Ronnie."

Curious, right?

It sounded good and it was $3 at She Said Boom.

I'll keep you posted.

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