September 09, 2011

it's decided

We're going to the Christie Antiques show!

I was waffling but dug deep and realized I really wanted to go

So go we will.

We're going to get there early
(and we'll probably stay all day!)
and we'll see what we find.

What am I looking for?

1. I want a little antique clock for my desk.
Something battery operated in plastic or bakelite.
 In a pretty colour.
and cheap.

2. Maybe a corner bookcase for my office
(this will be very hard to find but I'm hopeful!)

3. Some more boopie glasses.
(I really just wanted to say boopie. It never gets old.)

4. Cinderella bowls for Shannon

5. A dining room table.
This is highly unlikely
but I'll be on the lookout.

Who's with me?
Anyone heading to Christie?

Happy weekend all!

And who knows what else!


Maggie {Okay, now what?} said...

I wish we could go but we'll be tiling our new bathroom shower all weekend. Have fun!

Shannon said...


We can't go...mostly because its in a field, and you can't push a stroller in a field...

also because I can hardly straighten my back today...dang pregnancy...time for the chiropractor again! I REALLY REALLY REALLY do not like the 2 second adjustment he performs...which makes me feel worse AND THEN better...

...I want to walk to the corner store and buy some flowers, but I am not sure I can make it - booooooooo

(dinner party tonight, guests arriving at 5pm)

have fun tomorrow!