September 02, 2011

Ape House

I know. The posting has been spotty at best.
Life disarray these days so I'm trying to distract myself as frequently as possible.

I finished The Postmistress on Sunday.


I sped through the book. Loving it for 3/4 of it and then - it seemed to lose it's momentum. The ending disappointed me somehow.
There was a resolution but I found the resolution anti-climactic.
Maybe because it's about the war - you expect something kind of big.
That's not what I felt that I got.
Too bad.

Then I read (and finished yesterday)

To My Dearest Friends by Patricia Volk
(That's a terrible picture above, I realize. Sorry.)

This is a sweet little book that I picked up for $3 at a second hand store.
It's like a long short story.
Or maybe just a short novel.
I enjoyed it a lot.
It was a breath of fresh air.

And now:

Ah Sara Gruen.
How I love you.

When I read Water for Elephants it was one of those magical finds.
I'd heard about it somewhere and it was one of those books that stay with you throughout the day.
Make you long for bedtime so you can curl up and dive in.

I picked up Ape House at the same bookstore
(She Said Boom on College Street)
and just started it yesterday morning.
It's great so far.
It will be a good one for the long weekend.

Happy long weekend
(and reading!)

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