August 02, 2011

Let's Call Her the Lenni

Years ago, there was a clothing store on College Street called Ewanika.

Fella and I used to walk by it regularly and there was a photograph in the window that we both loved.
We used to talk about it long after it had been removed from the window display
and thought of it as
"That photograph of the beautiful woman."

As I said, years went by. 
We were at Bathurst and Dupont one weekend and saw that Ewanika had moved there.
We went in and looked around and the beautiful things
(and they are - simple and classic. Gorgeous.)
As we left, I thought again of the photo and thought to myself
"I'm going to email the owner of the store and see if I can track down that photo."

Some time went by.
But finally I did.
Her name is Trish Ewanika
and she is very, very nice.
She responded to me within a day
and after some back and forth, 
she remembered the photo.
The woman in the photo is Lenni Jabour
She's a local musician.
The photographer's name is Rick O'Brien.
I found his website and email address.
I wasn't sure how he'd take it - a stranger out of the blue emailing him and inquiring about a photo from ages ago
but a friend of mine who has worked with photographers for many years assured me that he would be flattered that I remembered his work.
And so he was.
He was very nice and he sold me a copy of the photograph for a fair price.
And now she's mine.
When Rick and I were "negotiating" he started calling the photo
"The Lenni" 
so that's how I think of her now.

She's on the mantel for now
but when I get her properly framed, I'll find a better spot for her.

I did this once before.
I saw this piece at the Square Foot Show
but it was already sold by the time I got there.
This little elephant's name is Hortense.
After, oh, a year or maybe two, I tracked down the artist and she made me another one.
I love Hortense too.
She was totally worth the trouble.

Sometimes Toronto seems like such a big city,
but at times like this,
it seems to shrink.
And people are somewhat easy to find, in the end.

p.s. I wonder what I'll find at this year's Square Foot Show? It opens next week!

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