August 22, 2011

200 Mile Yard Sale

I'm finally getting around to posting my yard sale finds.

It was an interesting experience.
Dangerous at moments,
weird and wonderful at others.

First let me say - I don't think it's really 200 miles, although I'm a bit fuzzy on the conversion of miles - kilometers so maybe it was.
It was mostly a lot of driving along the highway at an unsafe (slow) speed, pulling off abruptly and trying to avoid getting killed running across the road.
I heard one woman calling it a modern game of Frogger.
She wasn't wrong.

Here's what we found:

I bought this book because the drawings are amazing.

It's from 1964.
It was 25 cents.

all the vintage pink ornaments a girl could hope for

books books books

this was the first thing I bought.
Very cool jar with starry lid

bargained down to

Popular mechanics books

Not a complete set but it came with a good story from the woman who sold them to us. She said they built their summer cottage using these books.
Loved it.
Bought 'em

(Actually, fella bought these. He read them as a kid.)

Fella also bought some tubes and some other stuff that he liked
(and that I didn't really know what they were for.)

All together we spent:

It was fun. I don't know if I'd go again. I prefer antiques and there were some spots that had antiques but they were pricey. I was happy with what I got.


Shannon said...

great stuff! So much better when it comes with a story from the previous owner!

Jane's Next Door said...

Totally! I think that's part of the allure of old stuff. It has a "past" :)