July 09, 2011

What's that there?

Something interesting appeared in my back yard on Tuesday.

Can you spot the differences in these two photos?

 (I mean other than the fact that Chester is in the photo and they are taken at different distances)

there's a fence! Our neighbours built a fence!
And they didn't even want us to pay for it!
(we are going to take a load of stuff to the dump for them which is a heck of a lot easier than building a stupid fence, which we were going to do if we ever got around to it.)
He's even offered to build one for the left side of the the yard 
(which you can't seen in these photos because it's hidden by the garage) 
but it's a very dilapidated chain link fence that needs to be put out of it's misery - stat.

Fella picked up the wood yesterday and Gino the neighbour is going to build it for us!
For free! (or maybe for another dump run - which is fine by me.)

We also need to replace the other dilapidated chain link fence on the right side of the yard but it's on hold until we talk to that neighbour. (Plus it's tricky to do at this time of year with all of the greenery)

So that is progress.

You may recall, when we moved into the house, we also had these as neighbours:

thankfully, they are long gone, as is their stink and mess.

And now we have a lovely new fence! 


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