July 07, 2011

So - what's everyone been up to?

Actually, I know what you've been up to. It's me that's been silent.

Here's the latest:

I'm on vacation! You would think I should have more time to blog, but my to-do list exceeds my inspiration so I've been busy busy busy.

The big plans?

Conquer the basement and garage.

They are the scary parts of the house.
Our house isn't cluttered because all of the clutter lives in boxes in the basement and the garage.

So I decided that a major purge is number 1 on the list.
Or rather - a major sort
followed by a yard sale (a driveway sale, perhaps?)
and then a trip to GoodWill with the leftovers.

We went through the garage on Friday - took everything out, figured what we want to keep, and then put everything back, in a somewhat orderly manner. (it doesn't sound like much but it's way better.)

The problem with the garage is that the floor wasn't installed properly. They put in soft gooey asphalt so as the day heats up, everything sinks into the floor. Needless to say, nothing is level and it's a big fat mess that we hope to deal with next year. (Actually I"m hoping that some magic fairies will come and deal with it but I realize that probably won't happen. Boo.)

In the meantime, the basement:

oh yes.
It's scary
and embarrassing

this shelving unit came in from the garage and will be put to good use!

not all of this is stuff to sell.
I just can't get it out of that corner.
But I will.

I took these photos yesterday.
I'd like to say it looks better
but the truth is
it gets worse before it gets better.

I've gone through all of my books and sorted what I want to keep
and there are a lot that can go.

I've gone through the tchotchkes to see what needs to go
(I think anything that fits into the category "tchotchke" or even "gewgaw" needs to go.
My level of sentimentality wavers - some things I can't let go of (my old ballet shoes) and some I can (the odd "wizard" figurine that my mother gave me when I was a preteen. I had a thing for wizards, apparently, and this was long, long before Harry Potter came on the scene. I also have one that's made out of driftwood. If you have a "wizard thing" let me know and they could be yours!)
Mostly I feel like just having all of this stuff is a weight around my neck and I just want it gone. 

I've made progress but it's pretty overwhelming.
What gets me through is my iPod and knowing that I will get there. Maybe today - maybe tomorrow!
I"m going to start bringing the stuff upstairs to get it out of the basement today and then I"ll have a bit more room.

I will conquer it.
I will also post "after" photos.
(and maybe photos of the wizards or other weird things I find. There are plenty!)

The plan is for the sale to be Saturday morning.
Pick up some day glo paper, post the signs Friday, brew some coffee and go!
Short and sweet - get it over with!
I can't wait.

I have lots of other little things on my list
but this is the biggie.
It will be a relief to get it done.

Tally ho!

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Shannon said...

Oh I want to come to your sale!

We purge every year...somethings I couldn't let go of last year are easy to get rid of this year...weird, huh?