July 12, 2011

Half Glass Full?

I was at work one day and I kept trying to say
"the glass is half-full"
but I couldn't.
Everytime I tried to say it it came out
"half glass full!"
I wasn't kidding around.
It was a mental leap my brain was unwilling to take.

I completely forgot that story
(although it's not much of a story, though, is it?)
until I tried to type the title of this post.
And of course, it came out
"Half Glass Full"

But I digress.

The yard sale was, let's just say,
an epic failure.

We got almost no one.
We put up signs
We were ready to go bright and early
but alas, it was not meant to be.

On a happier note, everything that was left (which was, really, almost everything)
went to Goodwill. 
Everything they would take, that is. They refused electronics and some horizontal blinds and other odds and end.
Who knew they could be discerning?

On the plus side, my basement now looks like this!

More organized!

so spacious!

(most of the stuff on top of the dresser is for current projects or waiting to be delivered to the garage)

There is still work to be done but it's so much better.

Yes - that's Elvis. Somehow he avoided the trip to Goodwill immediately following the non-yard sale. 

On a completely unrelated note, I think the heat is starting to get to the cats....

Overall, even though we felt like losers because we only sold $15 worth of crap, none of it made it's way back into the house. 

It's a win-win really, when you look at it like that.
So I'm happy.
Well, happier.


Shannon said...

At least nothing came back in (almost)

You must feel years lighter!!!

Jane's Next Door said...

Definitely! It's such a relief! I'm so glad it's gone!