July 12, 2011

Good Eats! Savera Indian Cuisine

Fella and I love Indian food. 
I sometimes think I could eat it everyday.
There are so many dishes to choose from
you never have to have the same thing twice.
(I totally do, though. I'm such a creature of habit. I like to eat the same thing over and over at restaurants because I know I'll like it.)

There aren't a lot of restaurants in our hood.
But we discovered one last week that's only about 10 minutes away by car
Savera Indian Cuisine on St. Clair West near Wychwood.
(Unfortunately I can't find their website but they claim they have one. At least the link has a map)

The food and service were great - we were there really early - 5pm - but they were welcoming and attentive. We ordered some chat papri (which is like a snack food) as an appetizer and some baji that were some of the best I've ever had - the batter was light and the vegetables were fresh.

We then ordered a tamarind chicken dish and a tandoori paneer and some naan and paratha.
One of the men working there came over and told us that neither dish came with a "gravy" so we had ordered bread but there would be really, nothing to dunk it in.
He asked if we'd like to change our order but we stuck with what we had originally chosen. I appreciated this, though, because after we'd eaten, we decided that we wouldn't order the two dishes together again - not enough variety (or gravy, as it turns out). 
However - we would totally order each dish again! 
The chicken was the perfect blend of sweet and sour from the tamarind
and the paneer was beautifully cooked. I'd never had it from the tandoor before. Delicious!
The naan and paratha didn't disappoint either.

We were too full for dessert but they had a nice variety from what I saw on the menu.
Gulab jamin, kheer and some other tasty items.
The prices were reasonable - $11.95 for mains and I think $5 or so for the appetizers. 
We will definitely go back to. It's a nice change from the churrasco chicken and Thai and Mexican places that line St. Clair.

Two thumbs up!

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