July 21, 2011

AGO - Abstract Expressionists

Last Friday we went to the Abstract Expressionists exhibit at the AGO.

Sadly, I had not been to the AGO since the renovation, so I was keen to see all of the changes as well as the exhibit.

This kind of art affects me differently than others. I know that sounds like a simplistic, perhaps even silly thing to say but my approach to art is very basic - it's emotional and reactionary? Is that the word I'm looking for? (I fear that I'm losing my vocabulary. I need to start reading smarter books again, I think)

My favorite pieces were photographs by Robert Frank -

absolutely gorgeous.

apparently he lives in Cape Breton now.
Maybe I can look him up.

Another favorite was this:

Franz Kline
so beautiful. Totally moved me.
Can't tell you why
just that it did.

Definitely check out the show,
especially if you haven't been to the extreme makeover version of the AGO.

And make sure you leave time to visit the Grange and if you can, take a tour of the kitchen with the lady from Florida. She has really juicy stories about early Torontonians.

Oh and make sure you see this guy's work:

Giuseppe Penone
(In the Italian Galeria)

It will blow your mind.

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