June 27, 2011

Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down!

Does anyone else remember Weebles or am I way older than the lot of you?

I loved Weebles and I had this haunted house as shown below.

I don't have the house anymore
 it went along with my Barbie Motorhome
 which I totally loved (even last year, when I saw it for the first time in, oh, 16 or 17 years?)

Funny side note: my sister sold it for $25 at a yard sale to a guy who bought it for his sister.
He said he had destroyed the one she had as a kid and was buying this one to make it up to her.

Anyway - I still have the Weeble Witch

(alas, I no longer have the pointy hat)

and the Weeble Scaredy boy

For a particularly hilarious description of the Weeble Haunted House,
check out this blog.
You will get the full spine tingling picture of the Weird Weeble adventure.
Even when I was young - I loved Halloween!

They now live on my desk and keep me entertained when I have writer's block.
Which is, clearly, an issue at the moment.


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