June 26, 2011

Thomas Newman

I have always loved movie soundtracks.

 I love that they can take you to another place in a split second.
I know it's manipulation
but manipulation is a big part of music, 
isn't it?
It can make us feel
in moments when we might not otherwise.

My favorite film composer is Thomas Newman.
The man knows how to use a suspension
like no one else.

Case in point:

It's not a great movie but the music stands apart.

What also gets me is that I've had this fixation on movie soundtracks ever since I was a young teenager.
And in those days, there was no internet.
You couldn't just look everything up and have it within minutes
You had to go to a record store and hope that they had released a soundtrack.
Different times.

I also had a thing for the sound track for Less Than Zero, which was a movie I was obsessed with back in the day.
And guess who wrote the soundtrack to that?
Dear old Thomas, of course.
And here's the amazing thing -

I looked it up on You Tube and some guy, along with a bunch of other crazies like me
found out that they never released the soundtrack from the film,
so he remastered all of the instrumental tracks, extracting the music from the voiceovers.
Not only that, he offered to give anyone who wanted them, the tracks he has remastered!
I found him in one evening, and emailed him to ask for the tracks
and they were in my inbox the next morning.
Totally random that after lusting after this music for 20 years (actually, more, gah)
I finally have it
and also, the comfort in knowing
other people have what may be perceived as unhealthy fixations on a few bars of music.
What can I say?
It's in my blood.
And I think I love the challenge of finding something that might, possibly, be unobtainable.
 This thrill of the chase spills over into my pursuit of art too.
But those are stories for another day.

(if you love Less Than Zero too, you can find the music here. It's quite gorgeous.)

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