June 23, 2011

Last week we went to see the Drive By Truckers
in Buffalo on Sunday
and here in Toronto on Wednesday.

That's more live music than I've heard in, oh, many a moon.

We couldn't have been closer to the stage...

Patterson Hood

Mike Cooley

faux stained glass

great footwear
(see how close? They kept looking down as they came to the front of the stage so they wouldn't step on us.)

I now want these boots.

Frye double harness.

I think what I love most about this band is how talented they are -
they tour all the time.
When they aren't touring,
they are recording.
They know what they're doing.

And they know how to make sad songs sound fun and upbeat
even if they are really about grim stuff

They are genius.
And totally worth the hearing loss.

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