June 14, 2011

Goodbye Shopaholic

It's official.

I'm over Sophie Kinsella.

And especially Becky Bloomwood.
She's no longer particularly funny
or interesting
and frankly, in this book, I worried for the safety of her child
(even though she is fictional, I know.)

It's a stupid book.

There you go.

No recommendations for this one.

And now I'm on this:

I can't say it's a whole lot better.

But at least it's based on fact.

Even if those facts mainly focus on things like:
spray on stockings
and Sardi's.

I think it's time to dig a little deeper soon
or else my brains might give up on me.

Oh and in regards to the lack of posting?

I blame convocation, the Drive-By Truckers and far too many weeds to pull.
There's no room for anything else these days!

But I have a bbq on Saturday to plan, cook and clean for
and I'm praying that good weather is with us that afternoon!

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