June 28, 2011

bootcamp ahoy!

Sometimes you have to know your limits.
I've recently discovered mine.

I can't commit to working out on my own.
It's just too hard
and it doesn't come naturally to me.

I tried to stick with Look Better Naked
and I got through a few weeks and did pretty well
but I was lacking in exercise and felt like I was climbing a mountain.
(oh and I was being really, really hard on myself so my ego took a beating. I can't explain that one - I just know it made me feel worse)

So I've decided to go back to bootcamp.

It's hard because I feel like I'm starting over
but I'm also looking forward to how good it felt
to be outside
to push myself really hard
and to have sore muscles from doing squats
and not from easing my ass off the couch.

Classes start next week
which is perfect because I'm on vacation for two weeks starting Monday.
So I'll be halfway through by the time I come back to work
and I'll have a chance to prepare really healthy meals and get in additional workouts
no excuses.

I want to make change this summer
I want a make over
(a do over, perhaps?)
I want to feel good again.

(I'm also going to treat myself to some new workout clothes because it's going to be hot as heck while we're working out and ugly workout clothes really don't help you feel less ugly. Especially when you're really sweaty and trying not to toss your cookies during plank. Just sayin'.)

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