May 30, 2011


So we hit the Christie Antiques Show on Saturday.
It was, as usual, huge - 10 acres of old stuff.
The weather wasn't great - foggy and drizzly but it didn't rain, which would have been miserable.

It was very different than when we went in September.
I think we are somewhat jaded because of all of the hours put in at auctions. Once you buy stuff at auctions, it's really hard to pay higher prices
(especially from people you see buying the stuff at auctions or people who actually work at the auctions. Yes, they too are dealers.

In short, it's hard to pay full price when you know it's not worth that much.
So I think that affected our...approach to the items that were on offer at the Christie Antiques Show.

all the pink flamingos you could ever hope for

old circus sign

gold dolphin mall ride

as strange as it is....

Here's the only thing I actually bought.

A fire king bowl with circus tigers all around it.


All in all, it was an inexpensive venture.
I wasn't disappointed.
Now I have money left over for an auction!

Hope y'all had a good weekend!

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