May 16, 2011

ok ok ok

My last post was almost a week ago.
Not good, I know.

But some things have been brewing.
Some ideas.

I think I go through a "I need to lose weight" thing twice a year.
That time has come.
I always try to convince myself that it's for reasons beyond the purely superficial
but let's be honest here
that is the driving force.

But it's also because I want to age well.
I have so far
and I know that it gets harder from here
Obesity runs in my family and I want to avoid (or turn back) that tendancy.

I've tried diets before
and I know they say that they don't work
but something that does work
is balance.
And for me, that's the hardest thing to find.

Fella and I went into a bike store on the weekend
and I saw this beauty:

Globe Roll 1 - $649.00

Seriously lovely bike.
Fella was excited.
We were going to go back, properly dressed, so I could test drive it.

But once we got home,
I got my old bike out.
It's an old pink Raleigh mountain bike that I bought in 1996 so I could ride to school.
I bought it for about $300
it's beat up
and heavy(and was made in Canada!)
but I don't ride it now.
So to go spend $649 + tax on something that I don't even do now
was crazy talk.
I'd been thinking about getting out the old Raleigh
and riding it to the subway every morning.
It would shorten my 15 minute walk/commute to the subway
and would be good for my legs and butt.
So I (mostly) got the Globe out of my head
because I realized that that bike isn't me
it's for the person I want to be
(cool, fit, able to ride a fixed gear bike!)
Besides, the likelihood of my old bike getting stolen from the subway is slim
whereas the Globe, in all it's beauty, would attract the common thief.
So no bike.
But determination to get going and get off said butt.

I've also got a plan for the diet.
And it's this:

Go ahead.
Laugh. Yuk it up.
Because I was incredibly embarrassed to buy this book.
Especially when the sales clerk handed it to me and said,

"Good Luck."

I was mortified.

However, I bought the book.

And here's why:

the book covers the three most important components in getting healthy:
- food plan
- exercise plan
- self-confidence plan

I need all three of these things.
It's a six week plan and it's reasonable.
Of course you have to give up stuff - junk food and sweets
but you get to eat a bit of everything, fruit, dairy, carbs.
But it's a sensible amount
and a wide variety. And I think that once I get used to eating less, I'll feel a whole lot better.

The workouts look good too.
A lot of the moves are familiar from when I used to do boot camp
and I just have to make myself do them.
Fella is 100% in support of this
(I think because it has the word naked in the title. That's all it takes.)
We'll see where we're at on June 26th!


Maggie @ Okay, now what? said...

Sounds like a good plan! I hope you can keep your momentum up!

Jane's Next Door said...

Thanks Maggie! Me too!