May 19, 2011

Messages from Match

Daily Candy just posted about this site called

They say:
"The worst online dating messages have finally found a home. Read all the cringe-inducing attempts at bravado (“I also do not put up with any woman’s crap, so check that at the door, babe”) and realize it could always be worse."

Definitely worth checking out in moments of boredom.

My favorites?

"I share your passion and affinity for great music, I am a very well dressed gentleman in great shape since I came out of the fashion business and I’m extraordinarily creative in my profession and I like a woman who knows what she wants in man just like a hungry lion who has an avarice appetite without Filet Mignon for a month."

"If I walked up to you in the gym, (smiled) and said, “You’re doing it wrong, would you mind if I showed you?” - would you think I was:

A) A huge tool

B) Cute for Trying

C) A Creepo

D) All of the Above

E) None of the Above"

and finally, the best for last:

"I challenge you to a cookie off. Winner keeps all of the cookies for themselves. Loser has to bake then winner cookies for one whole year. Every day. Eight dozen. Deliver them to doorstep. With milk. And….nope, that’s it.


Cookie King Tyler"


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