May 05, 2011

little things

Last night I was riding home on the subway. It wasn't very crowded. It was past rush hour so the majority of people had made their way out of downtown aleady. But it wasn't late so it was mostly people who had stayed at work late. There was a lot of napping going on.

There was a man sitting across from me. It took me a long time to notice him - I was focused on an intense game of Plants vs. Zombies on my iPod and had blocked out everything else. My route on the subway is so ingrained into me that I know without looking what station we're at. It comes in handy when you're playing video games.

The man sitting across from me looked to be in his late 30's or early 40's perhaps. He had blonde hair and was somewhat non descript. I didn't really notice him because he appeared to be sleeping for most of the way but a few stops before mine I could hear excessive crinkling of cellophane. When I looked up I could see that he was painstakingly removing price stickers from two of the ugliest bunches of carnations I've ever seen. They were those small carnations - the kind that are often used as filler in bigger bouquets. I couldn't stop watching him. The care he wsa taking to try to get the stickers off was so moving. There was such vulnerability in the effort he was making - I began to imagine who they were for - he was wearing a wedding ring (or at least a ring on the wedding ring finger) so I figured they were for his wife. That he had picked one bunch out because she likes pink and the red ones for a little more romance.

I liked to think that he bought them for no particular reason at all - just to make her feel special and loved.

It was a special little moment. And it made me grateful that I have a fella who will call me in the middle of the day because he was thinking about how much he loves me. Carnations or no, it really is the thought that counts.

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