March 14, 2011

yummy stuff

I have a question.

What is the story with surly girls working in cupcake shops?

Cupcakes have to be one of the happiest desserts going

but I have had several experiences with this.

Maybe it's me.

I'm not saying that because you work in a place that smells like vanilla and sugar (two of my favorite things) you have to act like sugar and vanilla

but for cripes' sake, can you not act like I'm interrupting your internet session to buy cupcakes that are $2.75 a pop?

On the plus side - they were delicious. I mean - really good.

We bought one chocolate, one vanilla and two lemon and they were pretty much perfect. Moist cake, perfect frosting. Not a disappointment.

So check out Yummy Stuff on Queen West in Parkdale.

Ignore the surly girly and go for the vanilla (they were my favorite.)

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