March 29, 2011

Walk it Out

I am a long time fan of Fit Chicks.

They are a great organization. They have a fun, positive attitude and they can get even the laziest of booties up and at 'em.

Unfortunately, once we bought the house, I just couldn't afford to keep up the bootcamp.

I was so busy over the summer and fall that I lost weight and felt amazing.
But then winter came, and with it, well, let's just say:
chocolate covered peanut butter balls
hello dolly squares
the discovery of just how easy it is to make nanaimo bars (which are one of my favorites)

I need not go on. I'm sure you get the picture. (except for the wine. There was lots of that too.)

And with this winter of my discontent comes the fact thatI am not so great when it comes to working out on my own.
I'm successful at making a plan. I stick to the plan for a short while
and then the plan becomes a distant memory.

I am not unique. I know that a lot of people are like this.

This is why bootcamp was so doable.
It was four weeks, twice a week.
Not long enough to get bored or distracted
and long enough to feel obliged to go
(it also cost $150 a month which, for me, was incentive to make the most of it.)

I'm still on the mailing list for Fit Chicks and today I got a message from them announcing a new challenge -

The 28 day Pedometer Challenge!

Sign up (it's about $65 all in)
Get a cute pedometer (you can opt out of this if you have a pedometer but ask yourself - is your pedometer as cute as this one?)

and an ebook and some other stuff.

walk 10,000 steps per day
log those steps

maybe win stuff
maybe lose weight and tone up
definitely get your behind off the sofa and into gear, if not into shape.

I hope it's good. Walking is easy for me but it will get me out and about more
(I'm the worst for eating my lunch at my desk!)
I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

P.S. I chose this over art. You can't have everything, people.

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