March 15, 2011

ups and downs

On Friday night, I found out I lost the election for the Board of Governors
Right before I went out for dinner with friends
As the weekend progressed, I listened to the news reports of the devastation in Japan
and wondered how they would overcome all the tragedy that had befallen them.

National Geographic

On Saturday morning, I was pretty blue and having a little a pity party for myself
(this is not an up)
so we went out for brunch here:

(and it was ah-mazing!)

but on the way there, I saw a dead chihuahua on the side of the road
(way, way down)
It was horrible. I mean - horrible.
I cried almost the whole way to the west end.

Luckily, brunch was after that.

We went home.
And I did feel better.

I woke up on Sunday and felt new.

I went to church and found out that one of the clergy had died the night before

That afternoon,
we went to the gallery to pick up our art
and I knew the pity party was over.

I am disappointed that I lost
but in the grand scheme of life
it doesn't really matter.
The situation with Japan stays with me throughout the day
and the photos and stories break my heart.
I'm not one to "live each day as though it were your last"
but sometimes you have to just get a grip
and be thankful for what you have
(Canadian Shield - I thank you.)


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