March 22, 2011

Spring is here. It is decidedly so.

My heart dropped when I heard that it's supposed to snow tonight.

I stopped wearing my puffy winter coat a week ago
(it resembles a sleeping bag and I hate it by this time of the year.)
On Sunday, I decided to clean up the yard.
I couldn't stand looking at all the garbage that had blown in over the winter and gotten trapped in the snow drifts.
I raked
I tidied
I swept
I took photos of all of the tulips that are sprouting.

That is SPRING people!

It looks so much better after the clean up.

It worked out perfectly because this week is the first yard waste collection of the season
(what does it say about me that I was excited to discover this? How my life has changed)
and I have a full bag in the garage, ready to be collected.

But tonight?
Snow? Really?

I tell myself it's ok
because I know spring is here
its just hiding behind an impending snowfront.

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