March 23, 2011

Sold! or... How many vases can YOU get for $5?

I've decided that going to auctions on week nights is not a good idea.

You get there late so you don't have a chance to preview things properly

You haven't had time to eat dinner so you can only kind of vaguely keep up to what is going on.

You get home late
and it makes for a very looong day.


that didn't stop us from finding some finds!

Fella devilishly bought approximately




Some of them are really ugly

but some of them are not!

This one is my favorite. It's got pictures of Japanese houses and trees on it 
and it's a really pretty shade of blue.

At first I thought he was crazy

but then I fully supported his decision.

it's a lot of vases

I like this one too.

I think this is an ice bucket
but it has no lid.
Should be good for something! 
Check out that snazzy pattern!

This is a terrible picture of a very pretty ashtray.
It's really heavy
so would be good for self-defense if the moment called for it....

We can sell the ugly ones at a yard sale this summer.

He also decided to stock up on freaky old dolls:

20 dolls

for $5

I didn't support this decision at first but he has a really fun idea of what to do with them.
More on that to follow....

Here's what else:

I paid too much for this tin.
I know that.
But we had the same one at home when I was growing up
and we kept the tinker toys in it.

My heart grew wistful when I saw it.
So I made it my own.

(It's a Fluffo shortening tin. Not sure of the year.)

And this ended up being far more interesting than I originally thought:

I thought it was just a nice frame that I could paint/fix up.
It's solid and fairly large so it will be great for larger prints.
But when I looked closer:

I realized that someone had framed a newspaper.
There are death notices on part of the page and they are from
How cool is that?

Now I don't know what I'll do with it but I think it was worth the $17.50 I paid for it.

Total spent? 

I feel that we got bargains galore.

There was a woman who bought 77 mason jars of buttons.
For $7.50 each.

That's a crazy amount of buttons.
(although, judging by the way people were watching fella pack up those vases, they thought he had a crazy amount of something too.)

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