March 10, 2011

If I had a million dollars...

I'm not one much for "labels".
I hate "designer" clothing and accessories that are slathered with logos
and serve only as further advertising for a lable.

I do, however, like good quality.
And while I can't afford to buy high end clothing
I cannot stand a cheap, poorly made purse.

I have a Kenneth Cole bag that I love.
(actually, I have two but this story is about the balck one)

It's a hobo bag that I got at the Bay in a sale bin.
It had clearly been borrowed for a movie or fashion shoot because there was a piece of paper inside it saying it what scene it was for.
There was nary a mark on it
and I got it for just over $100
(pretty good for a $350 bag.)

But it's black.
And I want something pretty for spring/summer.

I am one of those women who carries a lot of stuff in their bag - wallet, makeup bag, planner, umbrella, lunch, camera... the list goes on
(Needless to say, I have impressively strong shoulders.)

I also only like bags that have a single strap.
(Yes, I'm very fussy. It has to be just so.)

As I said, I don't usually go for big labels
but this morning I saw this beauty:

And it looks like it fits the bill.
It's pink!
But - it's $298

I know to some of you, that isn't a lot of $$
but I have to build a fence in the backyard this summer
and get more insulation for my attic

so while less glamourous and fun, that's where my money will be going
(unless something magical happens!)

So that's my little wish for today.
(And it's perfect that it's pink because it's so gray and nasty outside that I need some colour.)

Happy Thursday!

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