March 25, 2011

i love anthropologie

Lately, I've been making a regular trek to Anthropologie before heading to my choir rehearsal on Thursday nights.

I have a break between work and rehearsal and somehow I always end up there.

It's easy to do that because they change up the store so much - you see something one week and it's almost always gone by the next.

It also gives one a chance to check out the sale room.

You can get some great deals - you just have to dig through the racks a bit.
People can get a bit frenzied but stay strong and you will not be beat.

Here's what I found yesterday:

It doesn't look like much in the photo,
nor did it on the hanger
but it drapes beautifully
and is very soft.
The eyelet on the front give a chance to show a bit of skin
but it's loose so it's a kind of
maybe I saw it, maybe I didn't
so it will be great for work or with jeans.
And it was $29.95!

Now if the arctic temperatures would just let up
I wouldn't have to cover it up with a wooley sweater!

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