February 01, 2011

snow world

I don't go north of Toronto very often
it's a different world up there.

But we went to Casino Rama on Saturday
Fella works with a woman who is a high roller. I'm not kidding.
She pulls around 10 grand a month playing Blackjack. It's kind of surreal.
But then, so is Casino Rama.

 I don't gamble.
It's something I have never had the slightest inkling to do.
It's like throwing your money out the window.
But I was amazed by how popular it is.
( I really feel like I have my head in the sand when I do things like that. It's just that they aren't a part of little world so I just never consider them)

Anyway - fella's friend gave us a coupon for a free breakfast so we got up early and headed out.
It was a beautiful, sunny day.

After the casino we drove around a bit and came upon Lake Simcoe:

It was incredible.

You couldn't tell where the land ended and the lake began because it was completely frozen.

It was like an arctic wasteland.

except with Barrie in the distance.

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