February 26, 2011


Perhaps I shouldn't admit to this
but until last Saturday I'd never been to Liberty Village.
For those of you who are not from Toronto, this means very little
but for those of you who are - yes. I  know. I live in a bubble.

I was delightfully surprised! It wasn't just full of pretentious hipsters (although there were those aplenty)
The old buildings, the delicious coffee, the West Elm...
I enjoyed it very much even though it was a very chilly, windy day complete with crazy blustery snowflakes going every which way.

We also hit the strip on Dundas West and went here for brunch:

(photo from blogto)

The food was somewhat disappointing but I enjoyed it anyway.

Then we wandered along Dundas and spied Loop gallery
we went in and bought a piece of art!

The artist's name is Gary Clement
and he's done a whole series of pieces that are both funny and dark at the same time.
All of the pieces are $200 each which makes them totally affordable
(and since so much of our art is already 12 x 12, it will fit right in!)
It was lucky on our part that we happened by
since they were setting up for the opening reception that afternoon
so the show hadn't even opened yet.
I'm sure a lot of the pieces will sell 
but you might want to check it out.

It was after the art fest that we headed to Liberty Village.
We wanted to find a place to sit so we decided upon this:

where they made me this:

pretty cafe o lait.

Yes, I should have posted this a week ago but this week was....a challenge and I kind of tuned out and watched a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer....

more to come!

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Wallpaper said...

Glad to hear you had a great time, I was just on Dundas West last night for dinner, every place was packed!!

Love that cafe au lait!!