February 09, 2011

Good Eats

I've tried a couple of new recipes this week
with great success.

They are nutritious (which is great since fella generally doesn't like healthy food)
and filling and oh so delicious.

And did I mention easy?
No, I didn't think so.

The first one was this:

New Year Noodle Soup from 101 Cookbooks (Her photo too.)

It is so, so good.

I used thicker noodles than what she did but they still work. I just added a bit of extra water to make it more soupy.

The second one was this:

Pasta Carbonara with Spicy Sausage

I made a couple of modifications on the second one to make it healthier
(plus I don't eat pork sausage)

I used fat-free cream (works just as well)
and turkey sausage.

I know that eating creamy pasta isn't the healthiest choice of all time but it was a refreshing change
and a very fast and easy meal to prepare (we're talking under 30 minutes, people!)

The soup recipe I followed to a T and it took awhile but will be much faster next time I make it.
I soaked the beans over night and made extra, then froze them so they are ready to go the next time I make the soup.
I've been looking for a new soup recipe and this one fits the bill - filling but vegetarian (which is my preference. I'm a squeamish reformed vegetarian. I still don't eat red meat. Just can't do it.)

Give them a try!
(or at least scan through Heidi's blog. She's got some great recipes on there!)

Bon appetit!

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