January 25, 2011

Winter, most of the time, is not exactly, an inspiring time.

I have a tendancy to get home from work, make dinner, do the dishes, kiss fella good night,
then plunk my sorry (and expanding) behind on the sofa.
I watch videos on my computer.
I play video games on my iPod touch (New York Zombies anyone?)
I am kind of acting like a teenage boy.

I think I'm in

a rut.

Ruts are a recurring theme in my life.

I get bored easily.

And when I'm bored, I start to question the quality of my life.

Is it meaningful?

Is it fulfilling?

Am I just bored and should wait for this, too, to pass?
(I try to remind myself of this so I don't spend too much time torturing myself.)


How to break out of this rut?

Step 1.
Put down the iPod. Hours can pass while I shoot zombies in this highly violent and somewhat depressing game. I couldn't sleep the other night because I was ramped up after playing this game for two hours. Then I was cranky beyong belief when I got up and had some apologies to make later in the day (to fella and the kitties)

Step 2.
Try to get out for a walk on my lunch breaks every day. I am also guilty of sitting in my office on my lunch breaks, reading blogs or surfing the web. Fresh air = good. Computer = bad.

Step 3.
Start working out. Some push ups perhaps? Maybe a crunch or two? My body will thank me, I know.

Step 4.
Put down the Pop Tarts. yes, you heard me. Pop Tarts. Last week a random and unfortunate craving came over me - for Pop Tarts. I know that Pop Tarts have no nutritional value. They don't even vaguely resemble strawberry or even pastry for that matter. They are sugary cardboard with frosting and sprinkles. I know they are gross and I can honestly say that I never eat food like this. I never eat McDonalds or Burger King or any fast food - maybe a pizza once in awhile but usually the "fast food" I eat is from California Sandwiches or Babos Donerpoint. Or maybe some sushi in those little boxes from the grocery store. It's not the usual crap fare. So I think that's why I gave into it.  I don't think I have ever bought Pop Tarts in my life - until now.
Did you know that they have 200 calories per pastry? (there are two pastries per package) Vile.
I think my craving evaporated after reading the "nutritional" information on the package.

I'm sure there are more steps that need to be taken but this is a start n'est pas?

Update: I came home and did a workout DVD and felt instantly better. I'm on the right path!
(even though I won't be able to bend my legs tomorrow)
I will also feel better because I"m getting my hair cut tomorrow. It's looong overdue!
And I refused to enter my 40's with bad hair. Ugh. I can't believe I just wrote that. Gah!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

try some exercise for sure...that should snap you out of it...YOGA DVD!!!

I am pretty bored with things right now too...thankfully there is nothing like poptarts to munch on here in the house, or I would be all over it...I ate 5 fresh baked cookies at my sister in laws on Sunday (dangerous)...I can't keep food like that near me!!

I think I will go do some tricep dips and maybe some lunges right now!

ps I just shared two peanut butter english muffins with my son...he is skinny, he needs the extra calories, mommy doesn't!