January 07, 2011

What are your plans this weekend?
Since I've been sick for what seems like a lifetime, I'm planning on stocking up on healthy groceries.
My body has not felt right for ages - in part because of excess sugar consumption (aka Christmas)
and in part because of the cold that has overstayed it's welcome.

I'm hoping to be able to make a big pot of soup or stew every weekend.
That way I'll have something warm and tasty for lunch and I won't resort to eating
bagels and peanut butter every day.
This weekend I'm going to try this:

because it looks delicious and easy and I found out that fella loves yellow split peas!
(10 years? Who knew? Not me!)

We're also going to try to go see this:

It's supposed to be scary.
And I love scary.
It's also only playing out in the burbs and that's kind of scary all on it's own so....


Shannon said...

This weekend we are dropping off the old light at residential lighting to get it rewired...other than that, some family dinners and some frolicking in the snow...

Jane's Next Door said...

Ooh! That sounds fun! It's kind of nice to have some snow....