January 21, 2011

This week has been deadly.

By the time I get home at the end of the day,
it feels like my brain has been twisted in knots.

It's very unpleasant.

So I'm very happy that it's Friday
and we have some fun, if unconventional, plans for the weekend.

Fella looked at me the other day and suddenly said,


My first thought was of these gents:

Now if you aren't a fan of Buffy, this image means nothing to you.
(But I'm encouraging you to watch the series in it's entirety.
Some seasons are weaker than others but overall, it's brilliant and very funny.

These guys aren't gravediggers but they are who I thought of nonetheless.
I'm thinking it's something scary.

I was right about that.

This is what he was talking about:

That's right.
It's a monster truck.

That's what this girl is doing on Saturday night.

Do I know how to live or what?

Continuing with the unconventionality of my weekend,
we're going to meet some friends here for breakfast:

It's the Blue Heron Casino.
They have great breakfast!
(Apparently motorbike people that fella used to ride with used to meet here for breakfast before their rides. It was good value or something.)

That will leave Sunday open for relaxation and mental preparation another week of crazy.

Next Friday I'm off so we can do something for my upcoming birthday.
Don't know yet what that will be.
We were supposed to go to Mexico so I could feel better about 40 while sitting on the beach
but that's out because we can't afford it.
(although the prices are dropping as Canadians keep reporting back on the various horrors they've experienced as of late. It's not looking good for Mexico's tourism.
I chalk it up to being in the wrong place at the wrong time and think you can't condemn an entire country for a few incidents. It happens everywhere.)

Anyway - if you have any brillian thoughts on how I could celebrate my birthday, do dish!
Speaking of dishes, Winterlicious will be on so that might be one option...

Happy Friday All!



Shannon said...

birthday ideas:

antique shopping...or second hand stores...in a sleepy cozy town! (Niagara on the lake is overrated)

or the spa!

or both!!

Jane's Next Door said...

THose are good ideas. We actually love setting out without a particular destination and seeing what we find. And I totally agree about Niagara on the Lake - totally overrated!