January 24, 2011


Two weeks ago fella went to an auction without me.

He found some good stuff! (and he always buys me stuff, which is so sweet....)

Here are the treasures...

a little teacup that was in the box he picked up to put the rest of the haul in.
It says 
"Made in Occupied Japan" on the bottom.

bed warmers.

that look a little "boobish"
(that's not really a word. I know.)

little jewelry boxes

fuzzy lining

the next one is my favorite

can you see the little owl?

they make a nice addition to my dresser display....

fella wants to put his scary beast in the backyard this summer to scare off our neighbouring chickens.

it's hideous

and it now resides in our living room.
lucky me.

(p.s. I tried to post this last week but the internet hates me and wouldn't let me.)

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