January 12, 2011

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

You know you love a story when you can't wait to find out what happens in the end
but at the same time
don't want it to end.

I have very fond memories of my mother reading
"The Secret Garden"
to me when I was little.
She would even have a go and cockney accents
even though I didn't know what a cockney accent is.
(In case you haven't read it, the dialogue of the characters in the book who have those accents - servants mainly - are written in the dialect. So for a kid, what they were saying was a bit of a mystery.

This book kind of took me to that same place.
It has a bit of mystery and interesting characters
and descriptions that take you away from wherever you are
and put you on the coast of England
or old-time London
or Australia.

I can now confirm that this was my favorite of her three books
and would definitely recommend it!
Perfect for a snowy winter day!

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