January 19, 2011


There was an article in the Globe on Saturday about how Torontonians
like Toronto posters and stuff on their walls.
It makes sense
and I'm all over it. 
I mean -

I have this

and this:

and love them both.
I'm not from Toronto
but it's my city of choice
that's got to mean something.

Anyway - the Globe article featured a couple of hipster brothers - Andrew and Matthew McCracken.
They're graphic artists who have designed all sorts of stuff
band posters, music festival posters and the like.
Their company is called 

Their work is pretty great
and I think they would make a nice addition to my...living room? office? tv room?
(I really want some art on our barren living room walls. It's downright bleak.)
I'm not so sure....
I love the combination of soft colours and sharp lines.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

if you LOVE IT ...then buy it!!!!!!!!!!

Once you get it home you will be able to find a perfect spot for it! It took me a few trys to find a place for my naked chickens!!!