December 31, 2010

What are you doing New Year's Eve?

Not so much.
I'm drinking coffee in my new coffee maker
(which I'm not in love with yet. I want to be, but I don't adjust to change well and well, I had my old coffee maker for about 8 years. It's an old Krups that made great coffee. Very basic. Nothing fancy. But good. Right up till the end.
And why did I replace it?
Because the carafe in the old one is cracked.
It leaked sometimes
and it was pretty grotty looking.
Here's it's replacement:

It's not much fancier than the old one. 
It just looks nicer.
I know people are all crazy about these pod coffee makers but I'm old fashioned.
I buy fair trade beans and grind them in my old kitchen aid grinder 
and they are delicious.
(I get a deal on the beans - the church I sing at has an arrangement with Alternative Grounds on Roncesvalles and I can buy a kg for $10. They are the best coffee beans I've had and yes, it's a good cause. 
Best + good = great!)

We had a bunch of gift cards for Crate and Barrel and for some reason we couldn't decide on what to spend them.
So I bought some Christmas ornaments that were on sale 
and fella encouraged me to buy a new coffee maker 
(that's love. He doesn't even drink coffee so it's not like he'll even use it. He didn't encourage my purchase of the ornaments but he didn't wrestle them out of my hands either. He just ignored that purchase entirely)
(We've also discussed buying the Breville  smart toaster that's $149 but I pause for two reasons:
$149 for a toaster is ridiculous
I love toast but I try (during regular non-Christmas/holiday times of the year) to not eat a lot of bread.
I would be quite happy to eat toast for the majority of my meals 
but then I would become a chunky monkey with scurvy. 
Not ideal.
Here's the toaster:

We also don't have much counter space so I don't want a whole bunch of appliances that I have to find space for.
Yes, we have a toaster currently but it's a $10 job I bought at Canadian Tire 8 or 9 years ago and it does the trick just fine thank you very much.

 I don't need a toaster that costs more than my metropass.

So - what was my point in all this?
Ah yes. 
I'm feeling better.
Having the flu is a weird thing.
Not only do you feel like crap 
(and don't get me wrong - I had a very mild case. I was a lucky duck.
I had a cough that, while annoying and gross, hasn't gotten any worse. I didn't have a fever - just some aches and pains and I felt really tired. I lost my appetite but was still able to get down some nanaimo bars and a few Christmas cookies anyway (as well as some toast- natch.)
but you don't feel like yourself.
And in some ways - that is worse.
You lose your spirit and gung-ho-ness 
(I know that's not a word.)
You just can't do much.
And it's yucky.
But I'm on the other end of it now and I'm glad.
Because it's New Year's Eve!
Do you make resolutions?
I looked at what I wrote this time last year and saw that I had decided not to.
Smart girl.
I prefer to not set myself up for failure.
But I also saw that some of the things that I was hoping for did come true.
And that made me smile.
Obviously the biggest hope I had was that we would find our house
and find it we did.
And no - it's not all perfect but I didn't think it would be.
But it's pretty darned good.
And now we're adjusting to having the responsibility of owning the house
and our financial future
and the sacrifices that go along with that
(like no trip to Mexico for a second year in a row! Sob!) 
but for some reason, it's not too difficult for me to swallow that pill
because I think it's worth it.
(ask me again in a month when I'm turning 40 in the frigid wasteland. Perhaps I'll feel differently then! One month from today! Ack!)
Life is different for us now.
There's no question about that.
But I think we're in a good place.
And that's a good place to be at the beginning of the New Year.

Happy New Year!

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