December 30, 2010

down for the count

I know I've been MIA.
It's been a busy but fun holiday until yesterday - when I was struck down with the flu.
I always get angry and resentful when I'm sick -like I can't believe it dares to besiege me with it's germy ways
but there is not much I can do.
I did, however, read a good book yesterday. I read the entire thing so it must have been good.

The House at Riverton by Kate Morton

While I was slightly disappointed that I guessed what was going to happen
I did thoroughly enjoy the story and think she's a very good writer.
I also recently finished The Distant Hours by the same author and quite enjoyed it as well.

And, in keeping with the theme (and since I bought all three) I'm going to now start on her second book

The Forgotten Garden.

and hopefully, I"ll be on the mend by tomorrow.
I already feel better today than I did yesterday
but I'm so bored and desperate to get out and enjoy the final few days of my vacation that I have to remind myself not to push it.
And to not get so angry when I get sick.
It's kind of irrational, after all.

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